A.S.D. Atletica Riviera del Brenta, “C.N.S. Libertas Comitato Regionale Veneto” and “C.N.S. Libertas Provinciale of Venice” in collaboration with the Municipality of Mira, Fiesso d’Artico, Dolo and Stra organize Sunday 5th April 2020 the 23rd edition of the Dogi’s Half Marathon.

The competition is an international road race and takes place on the distance of Km 21,097.

Departure and arrival from/to Dolo.


on 5/04/2020


9.15 a.m.


Only 18 years old athletes can take part to the competition.

The Italian participants at the 23st Dogi’s Half Marathon can be:

– enrolled with FIDAL valide on 2020

– enrolled with a “Ente di Promozione Sportiva” (EPS) recognized by CONI valide on 2020

– holder of a RUNCARD or RUNCARD EPS

– not enrolled but must have a medical certificate for competitive activity specific for athletics, valid on 5th april 2020.

The foreign athletes not member of an italian club can participate having one of the following requirements:

-Athletes affiliated to Foreign Athletics Club recognized by IAAF. When signing up, they should send by e-mail to info@dogishalfmarathon the following documents: (1) copy of the club membership card valide on 7th april 2019; (2) copy of the medical certificate for foreign athlets non-resident, issued in their own country (make attention:  you have been conducted the same tests as required by Italian law: (A) Medical examination; (B) complete urine examination; C) electrocardiogram at rest and after stress; D) spirography  (healt form)

– Athletes possessors of Runcard, showing medical certificate valide on 5th april 2020

The Italian athletes resident in a foreign coutries must exhibit a valid medical certificate issue by a Italian medical sporting center or be affiliated to Foreign Athletics Club recognized by IAAF for the 2020.

The participants will be divided in male and female categories. The subdivision will be happen using the FIDAL categories.

We also remember you that the competition ask a certain appointment both physicist both technical. Responsibly every athlete will be able to consider if he/she has the necessary psico-physical and technical requisites to take part at the competition.

Besides the athletes accept unconditionally the norms of the present rules and, for how much not contemplated, the norms of the technical rules FIDAL and LIBERTAS.


For people residents in Venetie, the medical certificate issued by a private medical center must be convalidated by the ASL.


Till 31st December 2019: € 20,00
From 01/01/2020 to 29/02/2020: € 25,00
From 01/03/2020 to 29/03/2020: € 30,00
From 30/03/2020 t0 04/04/2020: € 35,00


Time limite is 3 hours. After this time the organization cannot garatee that the  route will be forbidden to traffic.


Time measurement and processing of rankings, will be taken thanks to T.D.S. Timing Data Service. The electronic system consisting of a chip will be given to athletes together with the race bib. The chip is property of TDS and must be returned at the finish line area.

Athletes who drop out of the race or, for any reason, do not return it, are required to send it by post mail no later than 18.04.2020 to: ASD ATLETICA RIVIERA DEL BRENTA  – VIA VALMARANA 5 – 30034 MIRA (VE) – ITALY. In case of not retur, the athlete have to pay a penalty of  30,00 euro.

Time and classifications will be available after the competition on the website

The athletes that will forget too wear the chip furnished by the organization or wear it not in conformino to the suitable dispositions finding in the envelope will not be timed and they will not result in the classifications.


Pick up your bib and race packet on Saturday April 4(from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and Sunday April 5 (from 7.30 a.m to 8.45 a.m) at the ExpoDogi.
ExpoDogi will be located in Dolo.

No bib sent at home before the race.

It will be possible to withdraw the proper BIB and at the most a friend’s BIB introducing special delegation in simple paper and photocopy of the document of identity of the delegating one.


A luggages storage free service will be organized at the ExpoDogi, Sunday 5 April from 7.30 a.m. and delivery deadline at 8:30 am.

Remember to correctly affix the sticker finding togheter your bib on your luggage. If you will deliver late or to different people from the employees, the organization won’t hold responsible for your luggage.


Refreshement stations with water are available on the course every 6 kilometers starting from km 6.

Sports drink will be available every 6 kilometers starting from km 12.

Fruit and cookies will be available at km 18.

For withdrawn competitors pick-up buses are available to carry athletes to the first-aid stations.


A thorough medical assistance service will be offered by the organizing committee in collaboration with local medical facilities.

Ambulance will follow the race.


In the starting area athlets will find the changing area and toilets and luggages storage.


Beyond the finish line, athletes will find:

  • the medal delivery area
  • the restitution chip area
  • the refreshment station
  • the luggages pick-up area
  • restrooms and toilets.
  • massages area


A pacers team will be available to help athletes in achieve their time target.

There will be available pacemaker for the following time target: 1h25′ – 1h30’– 1h35’– 1h40’– 1h45’– 1h50′ – 2h00’.

Bib numbers distribution

Bib numbers will be distributed in a progressive way depending on the registration date (who register before will get a lower bib number).


If you have postponed your entry from the 2019 Edition to the 2020 edition, we will send you an e-mail to confirme your  registration.

If you don’t receive any communication please contact our office.

The last time to confirm the postponed is March 29, 2020.


It is possible to transfer the entry to the 24nd  edition of Dogi’s Half Marathon 2021 writing to paying an additional charge for segretary’s fees:
€8,00 until 29th March 2020 by bank transfer to:
A.S.D. Atletica Riviera del Brenta

Transfer to other person

It is possible to transfer your registration to another person.
To transfer it, it is necessary to request it to and to pay by bank transfer of € 8,00 within March 29, 2020 to
A.S.D. Atletica Riviera del Brenta

We remind you that to proceed with the transfer you need the complete details of the person who wishes to transfer his /her registration and the details of the new participant.


For the groups that enrol it in an only solution it is prevue a free registration beginning from the 10th affiliate (es. 11th, 22nd, 33rd, ecc).

The registration can be made by e-mail to attaching the list of athletes (with all data) and the payment by bank transfer to

A.S.D. Atletica Riviera del Brenta

The fee to be applied is that in progress at the moment of the group registration.
Download the registration form.


By signing the entry form to XIX Maratonina dei Dogi – Dogi’s Half Marathon, the athlete, as of now, expressly authorizes the organization to the free use of images, still and / or moving, depicting them and took the occasion of his participation to XXI Dogi’s Half Marathon.

This authorization for the use of their image to be considered paid indefinitely and without territorial limits around the world, for use in various publications and films, including, for example and without limitation, promotional and / or advertising and implemented on all media.

The organization will also give to third parties, their institutional and commercial partners, the rights of use specified herein.


While signing the registration or on-line registration, the athlete declares to know and accept the event rules and regulations to be found on the website and have turned 18 years old no later than 7th april 2019.

Also expressly declares under its own responsibility, not only have declared the truth (Article 2 of Law 04/01/1968 n ° 15 as amended by art. 3, paragraph 10 of Law 15/05/1997 n ° 127), but exempt organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damages to persons and / or property caused by him or his derivatives. Informative Article 13 DLGS 196/2003 – Privacy Policy

NOTICE PURSUANT TO Article 13 Leg. Decree 196/2003 – PRIVACY POLICY

Personal data needed in order to register for Dogi’s Half Marathon, will be treated by the data controllers of ASD Atletica Riviera del Brenta, in accordance with the privacy code, to coordinate the event and send advertising material. Personal data may be transmitted to a third party, for the fulfillment of the event’s duties. At any moment you may exercise your rights, pursuant to Article 7 of Leg. Decree 196/03 (cancel, rectify, etc…) with the data controller ASD Atletica Riviera del Brenta – – Via Valmarana 5 – 30034 Mira (Ve) – Italy.

Signing of the registration form will be sufficient for the approval of personal data processing.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify this Regulation at any time for any reason it deems appropriate for a better organization of the race. As far as not covered by this regulation, the FIDAL and LIBERTAS technical regulations apply.

Any changes to services, places and times will be communicated to the enrolled athletes or will be posted on the website .